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Article date 28 July 2011
Administration 29 June 2020

Response to High Speed 2 public consultation (July 2011)

The Department for Transport undertook a public consultation on the phase 1 proposals of High Speed 2 Ltd for the development of a High Speed 2 railway line, this consultation running until 29 July 2011.

Our response to this High Speed 2 consultation proposed a station stop on the High Speed 2 line by the name of North West London Parkway (NWLP). Subsequently, the proposed station name has changed to become Aylesbury Interchange. To the proposal for a station between Princes Risborough and Aylesbury has been added an alternative location to the north west of Aylesbury. We have withdrawn the proposal for a Crossrail service to Birmingham via High Speed 2. An introductory diagrammatic map has been added. Material concerning an HS2 to HS1 link has been separated from the proposal. The core elements of the proposal remain unchanged. We have changed our name from Rail Planning Consulting to RailAble and RailEnable.

Current proposals are as documented in our article Proposal for Aylesbury Interchange on High Speed 2

Our response to the High Speed 2 consultation in July 2011 : Phase 1 High Speed 2 Consultation Response PDF (193 Kb) (pdf opens in new window or tab)

We received an e-mail acknowledgement of our response to the consultation on 29 July 2011 at 21:55 from with title

"RE: Rail Planning Consulting proposal for a North West LondonParkway station on High Speed 2"

The e-mail informed us:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding high speed rail. The department's target is to answer correspondence in 20 working days. If you haven't already done so, you may wish to view information on high speed rail on the department's website at

Public consultation on high speed rail

The consultation period ends at midnight on 29 July 2011.

The Government will be undertaking an analysis of every response and a summary of the responses will be published in the usual way for public consultations.

The Secretary of State for Transport will announce the outcome of the consultation process and the Government's final decisions on its strategy for high speed rail in December 2011.

Since then there has been no further communication. However to date we have not promoted our proposal other than by making it available on the internet.


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